Graphic Design for Websites

Creating a personalized unique experience through sketching and hand-drawn illustrations.

Personalize your Brand

Step 1: Communicate

  • Discuss the goals of your brand, logo, homepage
  • Review your target audience & expected brand reaction
  • Determine best way to achieve your goals

Step 2: Create

  • Optimize images to reduce size for faster load time.
  • Story telling through sketches and hand-drawn illustrations
  • Take advantage of Googles fonts unique typeface
  • Keeping audience engaged through cinemagraphs and animation
  • Integrating storytelling within the design structure
  • Digital optimization for mobile devices

Step 3: Calendar

  • Analyze, measure and track performance of digital marketing
  • Develop consistent engagement time frames to engage targets

Cost: $35 per hour


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Keep audience engaged

Image Editing & Optimization

Clean up images and backgrounds. Compressing image size (not quality or dimention size) for web pages and mobile devides by compressing .

Domain Name & Hosting

Fat Cow Web Hosting

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