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Other Services

Digital & Email Marketing:  attract a target audience using social media, blogs, campaigns
Social Networks:  set-up social media business page and maintain content
Mobile Optimization:  coding website to resize on various devices.
eCommerce (Shopify):  online store with inventory management, variants, discounts, notifications
SEO Optimization:  reaching a targeted group by using specific keywords and phases
Image Optimization:  increase website performance by reducing the size of images
Graphic Design:  logo design, photo editing, slideshows, galleries, portfolio
Wireframe|Mock-up:  generate low- and high- fidelity wireframe of website structure, UX/UI design
Hosting and Domain  annual fees, separate third-party fees
Database Design  form validation, database design and integration, detailed forms

*All optional services are charged at an hourly rate. Invoiced in 4-8 hour intervals.

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