Search Engine Optimization

Develop high quality keyword-rich content that answers questions and raising visibility of a website.

Can your targeted audience find you?

Step 1: Communicate

  • Identify your competition and industry keywords
  • Discuss company's current strategy for raising awareness
  • Review process of getting traffic from search results
  • Understand how search engines find and rank content
  • SEO strategy to improve position in search engines
  • Review current content and language effectiveness

Step 2: Connect

  • Produce keyword rich, relevent content that answers questions.
  • Incorporate meaningful titles, links, and up-to-date content
  • Use every-day conversation readable by Digital Assistant
  • Aggregate Social Media content into categories
  • Integrate video interviews about your values, the brand, and employees
  • Make your location searchable by street corners/neighborhoods
  • Google Analytics to track vistors interaction on your website
  • Google Webmaster to learn how Google looks at your website
  • Google AdWords reach your target customer using Ads

Step 3: Continuous

  • Discuss plans for maintaining and building relationships
  • Analytize, measure, and track performance of initatives
  • Developing an optimized App for your online business
  • Maintain awareness of trends using social media

Cost: $35 per hour


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