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Eric K. Daniels, Architect, PC

TaLoveous is easy to work with, is on top of the project and always offering solutions for current and future design challenges. So, I look forward to working with her in the future.

     — Eric K. Daniels, Principal Architect, Eric K. Daniels, Architect, PC, New York, NY

Prime Manhattan Realty

Expansive Design provided my company with outstanding forward thinking work - TaLoveous' attention to detail and commitment to quality stands heads above what most programmers do today - she went above and beyond and for that we highly recommend Expansive Design for your coding and web needs! Outside of her work TaLoveous is a warm and kind person who's a delight to work with - her professionalism and tenacity helped to bring our projects to fruition well within schedule!

     — Rey Marrero, Office Manager/Technical Lead, Prime Manhattan Realty, New York, NY

Monad Trainer's Aide

I was very pleased with her work. Even if I disagreed with her recommendations, we were able to cooperatively find acceptable or better solutions. She gives great value for the fees she charges.

     — Gene Richman, President, Monad Trainers Aide, Whitestone, NY

Le' Vonne Inspirations

What a great company! Professional and very informative. There are so many website companies , with all the research I did I am so happy that I used Expansive Designs to create my website. They helped me create something that was tailored to exactly what I wanted to create and help me decide on the best marketing style for my company. The price is so very reasonable. I highly recommend using this company.

     — Shivon C., CEO Le' Vonne Inspirations

Benignant De Eagle Foundation

Thanks for your great job. . . you really have full knowledge of BDE. . . You will always be part of us and be part of us going global. I appreciate you for taking your time to do this, it is really an awesome work. . .

     — Onyema B. Ajuogu, President & Founder, Benignant De Eagle, Inc., Jamaica Plain, MA

Legendary Gemstone LLC

I feel that I'm more connected with my clients and can build a relationship with them. There are links to my social media and educational videos so that I can get my name out there and promote my product through various mediums. The very eye-catching logo pops and has vibrant colors that will definitely attract natural stone lovers.

     — T.G., Owner & Jewelry Artisan, Legendary Gemstone, LLC

HVAC Diagnostics and Repairs LLC

I was looking for a simple way just to get my name out there. This website exceeded my expectations. I allows my clients to get a full picture of what I do but also allows me to get important information about their needs so that I am ready to deliver the service they need.

     — James G., Owner, Eco-Air Cooling and Heating

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