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Expansive Designs' templates were built using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript. They adjust to fit phones, tablets, and desktop.
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Your Online Presence

Step 1: Communicate

  • Discuss your organization's goals and objectives
  • Review your online presence against competition
  • Visit websites to determine best designs and elements
  • Highlight current website trends and best practices
  • Determine the best template that fits your needs

Step 2: Create

  • Collect all content text for heading, body, footer
  • Discuss the fonts, size, color for body & headings
  • Collect logo, social medial icons, images, videos
  • Basic SEO: Title, Meta Description, Alt Tags
  • Domain Name & Hosting (separate costs)

Step 3: Complete

  • Discuss of any revisions to the content
  • Discuss website statistics to analyze web traffic
  • Discuss re-captcha to avoid spam
  • Test the website on various browsers and devices
  • Discuss benefits of Digital & Email Marketing
  • Set up timeframes to test website performance

Cost: $35 per hour


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What's the difference between my templates and web editors?

Expansive Design Templates

Expansive Design templates templates can be customized to fit your needs. These templates are built using programming code so unless you have programming skills, you would need hire a web developer to edit your website.

Third-Party Template

Third-party templates were built by other organization. The website is built using a web editor or CMS. Customizations are within the constraints of the template. Recommended web editor: Squarespace. Click here to learn about a Squarespace templates.

Domain Name & Hosting

Fat Cow Web Hosting

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