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Track Conversions. Measure Product Performanance. Inventory Management. Set up eGift Cards & Product Reviews.

Your Online Presence

Step 1: Communicate

  • Review the goals and objective for your business
  • Compare your website with the competition
  • Decide what will differentiate your website
  • Discuss ways to incorporate modern website trends
  • See Shopify features below
  • Choose a Shopify theme

Step 2: Create

  • Discuss fonts, sizes and color
  • Collect all content, images, logo, text
  • Design the website based on the specification
  • Connect current hosting provider to Shopify theme
  • Choose a Shopify plan
  • Responsive Design: website resizes to fit various devices
  • Fully integrated payment solution using Stripe
  • Test the website on various browsers and devices

Step 3: Continue

  • Test the website on various browsers and devices
  • Discuss of any revisions to the content
  • Review Maintenance option
  • Discuss re-captcha to avoid spam
  • Discuss website statistics to analyze web traffic
  • Discuss benefits of Digital & Email Marketing
  • Set up timeframes to test website performance

Cost: $35 per hour


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Shopify Features

  • Track conversions during buying process
  • Analyze customer behavior to learn motivates them
  • Create reports to analyze and measure performance
  • Track product performance to find out the top sellers
  • Inventory management and notifications
  • Find out the source of website traffic
  • Set up eGift Cards that can used on your website
  • Personalized customer notifications about orders
  • Free apps to add Product Review and Social Media

Domain Name & Hosting

Fat Cow Web Hosting

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